Incorporate a clear navigation design.

Navigation is one of the most important element of a website. It’s the only way for your visitors to browse around your website, and discover new things about your brand. Make this a priority, and make sure it’s intuitive and simple.

Highlight your website’s primary content.  

Highlight your main product, and main website content. Users should be able to recognize your selling point at a mere glance. You can do this by putting the product information in bold, and using high-quality images to attract more people.

Use white space.

When you incorporate white space in your layout, you’re showing a balanced layout with elemental affects. That way, you can attract more attention. There should be enough spacing in between segments and words. Everything should be easy to read and browse.

Focus on showing a good visual design.

Remember that images are worth a thousand words. We are all visual creatures, so rest assured that you can communicate the most important things through great images. Convey the genuine value of your content, captivate your audience, and explain complex concepts.

Focus on mobile-friendly designs.

More and more people are browsing the internet through their smartphones and other devices. They should be able to access your pages without any problem. By incorporating a responsive design, you can ensure that they will have a great navigation experience. This might require you to fiddle around with areas that you are not comfortable with, so don’t hesitate to contact a web design agency if you think you’re over your head.

Have a quality interaction design.

A brilliant interactive web design can help users, and improve user experience. Make every page interactive for users. Avoid pop-up windows, and use different appropriate dynamic effects.