Every architect has her or his approach to architectural design and methods. All in all, architects have their own styles. Thus, it’s crucial to choose one that is best for your design project. It doesn’t matter if this professional is from a top architecture company in Malaysia, or from a smaller firm.

Whether you are designing your home or commercial space, pick an architect that understands your needs, style and requirements. Choosing the best architect can be overwhelming! Below are some tips that can help you out.

1. Think about the goals and needs of your building.

Do a simple research before contacting architects for meetings. List down all of your requirements before discussing with a potential architect and firm. It’s okay if some things are not yet clear. The job of the architect is to help clients clarify their goals, if needed.

2. Put together a list of potential firms and architects.

Do you have favorite establishments around the city, or the community you live in? Find out who designed those projects. You can also get recommendations from relatives, friends and acquaintances.

3. Call every architectural firm on your list.

Describe your project to them. Inquire if they have the time to take on a project of that scale. If yes, it’s time for you to request a document outlining their company’s experience and qualification. If their office can’t handle the job, ask if they can recommend another company.

The materials you will get from interested companies might include brochures, letters of interest, photos from previous works, fact sheets and biographical materials of their key personnel.

4. Choose a firm and architect you are comfortable to work with.

The interview itself is important because it gives potential clients the opportunity to meet the people that can possibly design their projects. Check if the chemistry between the two of you is right. Since you will be working with this architect for quite a while, you would want an individual you are comfortable with. If possible, allow at least one hour for the entire interview.

5. Make the final cut.

Finally, it’s time to pick the architect who is perfect for your project. Unlike purchasing a new appliance or a new car, you can’t test and see the final product. The right person would be the one who can offer technical expertise, judgement and creative skills that can help you work on the project that perfectly fits your needs.