To avoid more confusions, investing and saving are a two different things. They are not the same. Although, they can both earn. They have lot of differences.

What is saving money?

Well, saving money is something you can set aside from your salary monthly and put it in your bank account, or your put it in your piggy banks. That is called savings. Well, savings can be done for everyone, whether you are student, working, or even kids. The main point here is to save money for future purposes and could meet expenses.

What is investment?

On the other hand, investment is something that to buy an asset for generating more returns over the long run while taking the risks and the volatility. The best example here is to buy a gold and you will keep it for a long time. And when the time comes that the value of the gold is increasing, then that’s the time you have to sell it in order to get better returns.

Which is more important: saving or investing?

Well, the investing is also follow an act of the saving. Although, savings alone cannot make profits and couldn’t have a better returns like the investments. Both of them are important, BUT only one of them could help you for the purposes.

Things to keep in mind

Always keep in your mind that, as when you are growing up, learn to save and earn your money as much as you can for it will help you in the nearest future as well as the investments. You need to have a strong goal in life and perspectives.