1. User-Generated Content

Are you looking for a social media agency in Malaysia that can help you make more content that people would love? One type of content that you can explore is user-generated content. More and more businesses are now designing their digital marketing campaigns based on this.

2. Social Listening

Social listening is another social media trend you should look into if you want your brand to thrive online. It is the process of utilizing data-driven software in order to monitor all the talks around brands online. Use it to monitor your business’ performance in the digital landscape.

3. Pay-to-Play in Social Media

At this day and age, free marketing in social media is dwindling. Organic reach wouldn’t bring you your desired exposure. Because of the ever-changing algorithms, there is the need to explore post-targeting, boosting and various pay-per-click campaigns. It’s finally time to get accustomed to these concepts.

4. Brand Participation

At present, it’s pretty easy to get in touch with more consumers. If they have some inquiries, they can easily reach out to you to a social media page. Leverage on this trend. Whether it be through comments or messaging, engaging with them would feel even more personal.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means using a celebrity or online star to promote your products and services. “Influencers” are the celebrities of the social media landscape. Ask for their help in implementing your strategy. This would give you a higher ROI compared to the other traditional methods.

6. Ephemeral Content

Have you noticed how short-lived content is rapidly becoming an amazing social media trend? It all started with Snapchat’s stories release last 2013. When Instagram launched their own, it got even bigger. Utilizing this would give your target