SEO is crucial for every personal blog or e-commerce website. Tasks such as organizing content, reviewing mockups and other important routines are necessary to lay the foundations of a good website performance.

With a good, SEO-friendly web design, you can improve your ranking. Below are some vital elements that can help you rank well.

1. Schema

Structured data, or Schema, is a code that makes posts machine-understandable. This can’t influence search rankings. However, they can influence how Google and other search engines display web content from other pages in the search results.

By incorporating schema markup to details like business names, addresses, emails, phone numbers star ratings and reviews, Google can display those information in its search results.

2. Internal LinkingMale Computer User (#2) by oksmith

When designing web pages, it is crucial to have them all linked together so that link authority from outside can freely flow through a website. Creating deep navigation or orphaning pages can make it more difficult for important web pages to rank high in search.

3. Search Engine-Friendly URLs

A website URL should be descriptive, easy-to-read and short. Avoid utilizing special characters such as ampersands, percentage symbols and underscores. The shorter to read, the better for both search engines and people.

4. Content Umbrellas

Be very methodical in planning web content. Remember that a logical digital content hierarchy is crucial for both search engines and users. Posts should be organized and having a good web optimization, to make it easy for your audience to find what they are searching for. Choose the main template for your website, and establish subtopics.

5. Website Speed

Website speed became an official ranking factor by the year 2010. The rapid surge in mobile use has made loading speed a huge priority since gadgets with less powerful processors are browsing web pages at higher rates.

6. Mobile Friendliness

At this modern age, more and more individuals are browsing web pages on the smartphones and other devices. This is the reason why Google has made mobile friendliness an important ranking factor.

If you really want your blog or business website to be truly successful, then you need to make your pages mobile responsive.

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