Learn more about business theory.

Lots of web designers get frustrated because clients fail to understand the elements that go in a good website. But, clients also get frustrated with designers who don’t know business theory. Make sure you have a little bit of background on this one.

Understand user experiences.

Do you know that there is a whole discipline dedicated in understanding customer experience? Learn more about it. Customer experience is a broad spectrum, so you must understand how your job fits in the entire picture.

Improve your marketing and sales skills.

There are many websites who deal with marketing and sales. As a designer, you need to have a basic background on this matter to serve them better. Before taking any major step on the design, learn more about their service and product first. Then, familiarize yourself with te marketing and sales techniques that may come with it.

Delve into psychology.

Psychology has lots of things in common with user experience web design. Learning this is surely worth your time. By doing so, you can learn how many individuals think, and how you can make your design even more attention grabbing.

Improve your copywriting skills.

Web design is closely related to copywriting. As designers, you need to work closely with a copywriter, however, it doesn’t always happen. If budget is too tight, you have no choice but to take over on this one. You may not be a good writer, but at least try to come up with compelling copies.